lunedì 27 novembre 2006

The Polish driver

I work in a transportation company, in Export Dept. Some months ago, a Polish truck reported in our office to load some stuff. Nothing in Export Dept (me) knew about that service. The driver, approx 20 years old, thin, blonde, a tipical Polish man, arrived in our office after a long trip in Germany, France, Spain and his smell was not exactly like a flower. He smelled sour, to be sharp. My dear colleague, immediately after his entrance in our office, escaped disgusted. I do not know why but I felt after that, a deep feeling with the driver. I can assure you that I prefer to share my office with a stinking boy instead of my dumb colleagues!
So, while I was searching for his file, I offered him a coffe, some biscuits and - obviously - the chair of my crazy colleague in front of me, so he was able to pollute all her desk. I'm a bastard asshole, I know, but I need to take my revenge sometimes!

"Unfortunately" after a long research, we understood that the shipment was not in our warehouse in Milan but in our warehouse... in Rome: our office forgot to send us the liftvan and it was lying there with the Polish here. Then, after 10 calls all over the Europe, the poor Polish guy had to stay in Milan 'till the shipment arrived in our office: not less than 2 days. And he had to sleep in the truck! Without washing! Perfect! I was absolutely happy, not because I was in love for him... but just because every day he had to come in my office to work a while (make calls, fax, waiting new instructions...) and my colleagues took the door. Alone in the office, what a perfect feeling!

After 2 nights in the cabin, the stench grew up and the time out of the office of my colleagues, grew up accordingly: not less than 1 hour! Oh, thanks my Polish friend, I know now what's the freedom! Finally, goods arrived from Rome and my blonde friends left for Warsaw...
Sometimes, when my colleagues are particular boring, I remember (and lament!) the smell of my small Polish friends...

PS: this post is dedicated to our NZ friend!


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That's amazing! This blog has become international and now all the people can read it! I shall try to make your blog known also here in California! Enjoy my friends!
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Si, probabilmente lo e
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good start